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Office Relocation Checklist. Make your office move successful.

Moving into a new office marks the new beginning for business. But this project is often challenging and tedious to execute for people who doesn’t do this on a frequent basis.

The initial planning and preparation work for the office move are critical. You’ll need to consider every fine details, get professional help and develop a viable office move strategy. You can easily accomplish with the help of this handy checklist.

In this checklist, you’ll get a step-by-step guide on how to execute a smooth and stress-free office move. The followings are covered to keep you organised and ready for a successful office move:

  • What are the corporate administrative task involved for office relocation?

  • How to execute effective staff communication for the move?

  • What should be included in the inventory list?

  • How to ensure the new office is ready to move in?

  • What to do for office reinstatement and post-office move?