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Office Leasing

Secrets to Finding a Cheap and Good Office for Rent


Struggling to find a premium office space for a low price? When renting an office, you must be aware of the fundamental information below, as it will benefit you and as well as your business .

Use these insightful tips to find your ideal office space in Singapore. 

1. Minimize The Amount Of Office Space You Need

The first secret is to contemplate the office size you need. Every added square foot will significantly add to your overall cost. 

  • Do not design for meeting rooms which are not going to be well utilized. 
  • Keep work desks size to the minimal. 
  • A straight 1.4m work desk is comfortable for most Asian builds. A work desk of 1.6-1.8m might be needed if you have multiple screens on monitor arms. 
  • Save space by creating a multifunctional area such as a pantry that will double up as an open discussion area. 

Do not make the common mistake of adding on more than what you need. The smaller your office is, the lower your cost will be. Now let us look at how to make the most out of every bit of your condensed office space.

2. Get Creative With The Space You Have 

“Expensive” doesn’t always mean the best quality. Pay for an office space that allows you to utilize for business operations well. 

Maximizing every square footage can include designing odd corners for a storage or utility space, and making spaces multi-functional. 

Small, creative uses can make a big difference in rental cost, and overall productivity in the workplace. This will also help to reduce your operating cost, which should be one of your top priorities. 

To be able to maximize every square foot, look at what is important to you and your business’s budget. Check out if shophouse office could work for you as they are often demand lower office rental as compare to office building in the same prime area.

3. Align Your Office Search Criteria with Your Business Goals

A typical office leasing period is approximately 2-3 years. You need to lay out your business goals within that time period, and make sure that they correlate with what type of office you will be searching for. 

Rank what is most important to your business out of the following: 

  • Size
    • Make sure you plan for the future, as you are trying to expand your business by renting an office. 
    • We have provided a floor-space calculator for you to evaluate your office size preferences. 
  • Office Condition
    • When attending a site-viewing, make sure you review the space’s condition, as this will tell you how much you would need to spend on the office renovation. 

This is essential knowledge you need to set forth before you take the next step. Next, we examine one of the most important secrets to finding cheap and good office space for rent: professional help. 

4. Work with a Commercial Real Estate Advisor 

Professional Real Estate Advisors have extensive experience in the field and will look out for your best interest, as a client. Getting a consultation will help you to understand your needs better, answer any queries that you might have and would help to quicken the pace of finding an optimal office space to rent. 

Some of the important aspects and services they can provide you with are: 

  • Strong local market knowledge 
  • Identifying the right spaces
  • Filtering of duplicate listings
  • Scheduling site viewings
  • Negotiation of Lease Terms 
  • Getting you an optimal lease in a short amount of time

Save yourself time and money by using a Real Estate AdvisorAdvisor to help you with the office leasing process.

5. Do Not Compromise on Your Business Space

If you want to attract clients or talents who will visit your office, do not compromise on the overall visitation experience. Having a quality space could be better for productivity for employees, could improve the success of attracting talent and customers. Do make sure that you find a healthy balance between price and quality, to ensure that your office space is optimal.  

To conclude, use these secrets when renting an office space and your business will benefit greatly from it. Make sure you stick to your needs as much as possible and not your wants. Always use professional help when partaking in the complex real estate transactions to ensure a seamless process.

Finally, find the right balance between price and quality. If these important tips are implemented, your business will be on the right path towards future success.