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Workplace Strategy

Going Green by Going Paperless


Often manifested in legacy processes that everyone just blindly follows, paper trails can go deep. In the end, you might wonder: “Why did I have to print this in the first place?”

In the digital age, the best approach you can take is not to start with any paper trail at all. The “paperless” philosophy may seem drastic and intrusive at first, but the symbiosis of this mentality with your daily operations can result in massive savings and increased efficiency throughout your business.

  • Environmental impact: The production of printing paper is resource-heavy and directly causes forest harvesting, CO2 emissions, excessive bleaching and chemical waste.
  • Operational efficiency: As comfortable as we are with a stack of handwritten notes, the information age requires us to capture, find and share data fast and efficiently. E-mails, digital forms and signatures, document management systems and cloud storage should become integral parts of our office routines to avoid paper as much as possible.
  • Cost: By minimising your printing needs, you can reduce your office budget for paper, toner/ printer ink, files, storage space and archival management.
  • Security: Private and confidential documents lying open on a desk are all but safe. Digital document management solutions offer role-and-user-based access management functionalities to secure your data.

More companies, especially younger start-ups and smaller workplaces are adopting this trend that creates an example for the rest of the industry to follow. While it may be a bit more difficult for existing paper-heavy companies to make the transition, the cost will only further increase over time. So start now!

Ultimately, if we do want to make more impactful changes to go green, we have to consider other alternative methods to care for our planet. This can include by adopting reusable and recycled products, which can be as easy as using washable cups and water bottles; or reducing the consumption of plastic goods on your daily life.

But for today, let’s take it step by step by starting with reducing our paper usage in our everyday work life.

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