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How Much Office Space Do I Really Need?


With rising real estate costs in Singapore, businesses are set to optimise every inch of the office space. While it is not an exact science when it comes to deriving a number on office size, more often than not, one is asked to provide the square footage requirement during an office search.

Just exactly how much space does your business need?

The main deciding factor lies in the office style – open space and traditional type.

In an open space plan, there are no private offices. Everyone sits together, in one large room, in cubicle clusters or at tables. In the traditional layout, there are plenty of private offices, large conference rooms, and other rooms such as pantry and server room. This is a typical set up in most law firms and financial institutions. Do you know which works best for your business? 

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Based on research, spaceSense.co has simplified the calculation for activity-based workplace design. Simply select your headcount and check the box if you need meeting room or collaboration space here.

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