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5 Pain Points When Searching for Office Space


You have been tasked to search for a new office space as the current lease is expiring. The first instinct is to ring up your property agent who could be your friend, relative or an agent who transacted your first property. To hasten the process, you may turn to other property listing sites for help.

Dedicated to make life a lot simpler for our users, we’d conducted surveys with business owners and office managers to bring you the 5 pain points commonly faced during an office search.

1. Unable to Determine Optimal Floor Size
As the saying goes, “never change what works”. This may not be true when it comes to searching for a new office space. Most owners and managers assume the new space to be the same size as the existing one. The truth is there are more to consider. It is important to assess the current office set up to determine if the space is optimised and if there are needs to provision for additional headcounts or more meeting rooms. (See also: How Much Office Space Do Businesses Really Need?)

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2. Limited Space Options
Most agents and listing portal typically represent a limited number of office listings. Their representation tends to be biased and lack business insights. Some may attempt to force fit your requirements into their available properties due to vested interest. It is important to choose a non-vested tenant representative well-versed in commercial real estate and truly understand your current and future business requirement for real estate.

3. Liaise with Multiple Agents
There are many self-help office listing sites available. Depending on the number of listings you have selected, you may have to repeat your requirements up to 10 times to 10 different agents (not to mention the number of requirements you may have!). Just imagine if you can make multiple enquiries and monitor them within a dedicated dashboard on spaceSense.co for FREE! Learn more how spaceSense works here.

4. Duplicate or Out-dated Listings
After checking through so many websites and making the enquiries, you may find multiple listings of the same unit by different landlord representatives or simply, the unit is no longer available. Sound frustrating? It is no easy task to keep track all your enquiries.

5. Time Consuming Process
Searching for office space and relocating business are not a daily affair for most people. This task often comes as a secondary duty to the current workload the person may already have. There is immense pressure given the tight deadline to move out and return existing space reinstated. Communicating and liaising with multiple agents and company stakeholders are simply not going to be efficient.

Being business owners ourselves, we truly understand the frustrations you face and the urgency to make the right leasing decision and get the new office set up. spaceSense.co is here to eliminate your pain points at no cost to you.

spaceSense.co works with a full spectrum of landlords in Singapore, giving you access to the most comprehensive up-to-date workplace information in a streamlined search process. Our platform also support you thereafter with selecting designers for fit-out and other products and services.

So, speak to us now and let us help you make this a bespoke, stress-free experience for you.  

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