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Workplace Strategy

How Can We Change The Way We Work to Keep Up


In today’s world, businesses have to be quicker at adapting to the ever-evolving customer needs. It is important to note that Human Resources (HR) plays a significant role in influencing the mindset of the company in order to keep up with the face-paced business environment of demanding customers.

1. Start with Management

This is the segment more pressured between bottom line results and team management. Start with the Why, How and finally What we do. The way we manage our teams is to adopt a growth mindset rather than the bottom-line approach. Bottom line is always the result. The way to get there is key and the management should hold discussions with the team such that everyone is aligned in embracing change and making it work.

2. Change the Environment

Research shows that the clothes you wear actually change the way you perform. The same goes for our workplace since we spend nearly one third of our life working in there! Change how the workplace looks and feels, such as reducing physical barriers amongst desks, teams or management levels. This transformation shift can eventually help teams get to know each other better. If you don’t know what your other teams are doing, there is no way you can collaborate in solving the company’s problems at the strategic level. Remember we are changing the way how the entire company works.

3. Adopt a Growth Mindset

“Every change requires a time for adoption and transformation”. Remember how much time it takes to learn how to walk? Emphasize on the growth mindset at all levels by introducing time for the team to unlearn, learn and relearn. “The Key” is not a fixed path to the results; it takes time and many experiments to understand the new market dynamism, let alone to explore new business growth opportunities. Nobody will get it right on first attempt. We just need to fail fast and learn fast, hopefully in a controlled manner.

4. Embrace a Dynamic Job Scope

Job titles and descriptions are clearly defined for guidance in staff appraisal. A company will not do well if every staff just do what they are told. As the company strives to remain relevant, staff are expected to be agile and innovative in flexing their strengths and passions, rather than falling back to their defined roles. Job scope and titles will therefore be less standardised and more personalised.

Being adaptive to the external environment is not an easy task and we need a more flexible approach in motivating the team to change how work is done. Stay committed and more sustainable positive results will follow.

Entrepreneurs' digest- how can we change the way we work to keep up

How can we change the way we work to keep up Article was first published in the Entrepreneurs’ Digest, Issue 83, January/February 2019.



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