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Should I Hire An Interior Designer or A Contractor For My Office?


Are you facing the dilemma of deciding whether to engage an Interior Designer or a Contractor for your office fit-out? Let’s distinguish the two- a Workplace Interior Designer can coordinate and manage your project from design ideation to site execution stage while a Contractor generally executes renovation works based on your own ideas and plans.

It can be challenging for a Contractor to give you a holistic workplace design input and workflow – and equally challenging for you as well given that there are many workplace design considerations not commonly known. See below for some highlighted key ones:

  1. Office layout and workflow considerations for future growth
  2. Workplace Designs for acoustics, ergonomic or even handicaps
  3. Design for corporate branding purpose
  4. Special requirements on security or IT
  5. Office equipment, especially those state of the art available in the market to fit your budget
  6. Office furnishings
  7. Durable materials
  8. Good system and workplace furniture
  9. Sustainability design criteria, if required

If your business is leasing a bare space for a typical 3 years or more, you should consider hiring a professional Workplace Interior Designer to reap long-term benefits from a good office design. 

For short term solutions, getting a contractor or minor A&A vendors would be viable to refresh the office look or to quickly get the office electrical power set up and ready for move in.

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