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4 Tips on Buying Office Furniture




Getting good quality chairs usually cost more than $400, so to get a bang for your buck, you can simply request chair samples to test out (but of course you would have to be purchasing a couple of chairs for the supplier to entertain this request).

This gives your all of your staff a say in what chair suits them best. People of different builds might find different chairs feasible. Get them to test the functionality of the chairs and vote on the best chair!


It is worth investing in suitable workplace furniture and equipment since you would be spending quite an amount of time in your workplace.

For example, if you use multiple screens, get a good monitor arm that can handle the weight of your monitors. Some arms even have power docks for charging mobile devices. 

If you work long hours, consider investing in a standing desk or a good chair to ease that back and neck pain.

Majority of quality office products are made-to-order, so do set aside at least 8-12 weeks! Especially if they are products from another country. Malaysian-made products usually take 6-8 weeks.

Take note that during major festive seasons, factories are closed down. So you would have to add about 2-4 more weeks to the typical waiting time.

Invest in good quality products that have a long warranty period. Cheap products fail quickly and it is therefore unlikely the warranty will be more than a year. Typical warranty for a good quality chair can be 3-5years. Some suppliers who design their products could even give up to or more than 10years!! Of course, typical wear and tear will not be covered.

Do ensure your warranty can outlast your lease period! And keep your warranty details and contact details to claim warranty.