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Workplace Design

How Do I Pick an Interior Designer for My Office?


Designing your office space is an important stage especially if it is a new space your company has relocated to. It may be a daunting task, but here are a few tips to help you get started.

Firstly, you should engage with an interior designer who has experience in designing offices. Contrary to a residential interior designer – a commercial-qualified designer has to be familiar with dealing with the building management regulations. This is because they would have to do more submissions for the relevant authorities in order to fix up your office according to local regulations.

Once you have picked your designer, communicate a realistic fit-out budget per square foot for your office size and notify them of your move-in date. Remember that this takes at least 3 months for a full office fit out!

Document all of your requirements in detail. You have to decide how many rooms you have/need, how many desks you would require, how much tech power you need, where the reception would ideally be at – all of which you can indicate in a detailed 2D floor plan (obtain the AUTOCAD formatted one from your landlord). Get this all prepped and ready to discuss with your designers in advance (at least 2 weeks!) in case you are showing preliminary designs.

Arrange to for a short meeting with the designer to understand how they plan to deliver your office according to your move-in date and if it can meet your budget. You should invite the decision makers of your team as well as your company’s key stakeholders.

The objective of this meeting is to get to know your designer. Try to compare their past projects with yours – for example, keep a lookout for the design style, IT requirements, floor sizes, past client testimonials and such. Identify who on their team would be the ‘’Point of Contact” (POC) for your project and enquire about their current workload.

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