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Design Your Office For Company Branding Purpose


Do you know about the impact of office design on company branding? Beyond colours and fancy furniture – how you shape your office could be a great opportunity for forging meaningful connections with talents, employees; and even inspire clients and visitors.

In this month’s Entrepreneurs’ Digest, Eunice Ooi, co-founder of spaceSense.co, shares about tips on how to express your branding through your office space. So take a quick look at the article to get your creative juices flowing.

Design Your Office for Company Branding Purpose Article was first published in the Entrepreneurs’ Digest, Issue 82, November/December 2018.

About the Author

 Eunice Ooi | Cofounder | spaceSense.co
As the Cofounder of spaceSense, a commercial property tech company, Eunice designs the use of technology to help companies find, set up and manage their office space easily. She has more than 10 years of experience in project management with the Defence Science and Technology Agency, CBRE and GIC. A NAFA-certified interior designer, Eunice has also executed more than S$100 million in project value, delivering workplaces for big corporations. Eunice graduated with First Class Honours in Master of Engineering, Imperial College London.

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