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Design Your Office For Company Branding Purpose


The importance of office design is now widely embraced by MNCs and other enterprises for employee productivity and happiness. Beyond these, office design also poses a significant opportunity for company branding – it is a powerful way to connect people emotionally, attract talent, engage employees and inspire business clients and visitors.  

Of course, incorporating branding is more than having the corporate colours in the interior. Here are some tips to help you shape your workplace:

1. Communicate with an experienced interior designer early

Whether it is to illustrate your company heritage or to emphasize your company commitment to the environment, these information should be communicated to the interior designer for them to integrate the brand message into the physical environment. You will be surprised how an experienced designer could holistically use appropriate materials, colours, texture and architectural form to express your company’s identity effectively.

Office design which incorporates the corporate logo and embodies the corporate culture and identity,

A commercial fit out designer, one of spaceSense’s partner design portfolio for Adidas.

2. Strategically place your corporate logo

Think of strategic location where your corporate logo can greet employees or business clients. Do not overuse logo in too many places as it can weaken your brand’s effect.

3. Showcase your company portfolio

Your products and services are the heart and soul of your brand, so why not let them showcase them through static installation like mural wall or even interactive digital touchpoints for new hires or visitors to discover your portfolio?

4. Buy what you’re selling

Convey your brand integrity by empowering your workspace to support the culture and embody your brand in a meaningful way. If your business values open communication, do consider having the management team and employees sitting in an open floor plan to reinforce the open culture. If environmental sustainability is key, do include the use of sustainable materials as part of your office furnishing criteria.

5. Strive a balance and be consistent

Determine the unchangeable piece in branding, such as core principles or company’s history. This could be a more permanent installation compared to the dynamic branding aspects like “propelling company in the digital future”, which can be installed as a wall decal or in digital display screens. Remember to keep brand fresh and relevant even in your office design.   

Also, do develop standards for brand consistency for office design, online and offline channels to avoid confusion.

The design of a workspace is a major capital investment for any companies that can affect the immersive branding experience for anyone entering the workspace. Blindly following design trends will not give you sustainable results. As you are investing in office design, you might as well reinforce your organisation purpose, who you are and what you do and build the credibility on how you make a difference for your employees and clients.

Design your office for company branding purpose. Published by ASME ED82
This article is first published on ASME, Entrepreneurs’ Digest, Issue 82,
November/December 2018.