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What is the Best Display Solution for Your Office?


In today’s global business world, collaboration across borders is a must – hence the access to video conferencing technology. Most companies would require at least a screen for corporate meetings where PowerPoint presentations are shown, or screens are needed to set up a video connection between two or more parties to share and display specific information.

Therein lies the question: What is the best display solution for your office – the projector or the monitor? Let’s take a look:

Using the Projector
On one hand, why use a projector? For the size, of course! It definitely comes in handy when you have to give a presentation to a huge group. However, you might have to consider the amount of lighting in the room because it is a huge factor for visibility of the display.

Most projectors require a dim environment in order to be fully visible. In addition, it can be costly when it comes to installing the projector on the ceiling, usually. You would also have to consider the maintenance cost of its lamp and filter if you plan to use it long-term.

Using the Monitor
Cost-wise, they are usually covered under warranty and hence are affordable to maintain. In addition, installation costs from mounting monitor screens on reinforced walls are usually low and can easily done as well. The breakdown rate is also lower in general as compared to that of a projector.

Projectors and Monitors both have their pros and cons – and they definitely have helped presentations, meetings and discussions through time.

A New Display Solution to Consider

Using the“SMART board”:

We currently live in a digital age of technological marvels. Hence, another addition to the competition are Interactive Displays. It is exactly what its name suggests – a panel that you can directly interact with. So let’s dive into the world of Interactive Displays. Just think of a whiteboard – but digital. You would be able to make annotations on your projected display, and it will be saved on the digital file you are projecting! Many Interactive Display Panels have been introduced in classrooms for lessons and brainstorming discussions. This is perfect for collaborative sessions as everyone can add illustrations and/or notes via the board in just a touch of a finger.

Looking For Presentation Solutions?

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