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The Importance of Service Design


What is ‘Service Design’? Experience/Service Designer Victoria Pace shared her expertise on the subject with the spaceSense.co team on how to provide quality service experiences.

The team identified their strengths as well as their weaknesses through an activity called ‘Lightning Demo Jam’ – and used this to improve the business experience for their users. Victoria got the team on their feet by engaging them in meaningful discussion to develop a qualitative goal.

It is key to recognise the potential barriers to what the team defined as success. Once identified, Victoria helped the team understand that through reframing these barriers into “How Might We..” questions – it creates a more positive goal to work towards.  

In addition, she shared very insightful and relevant theories to help the team understand concepts of service design.

One of the concepts, ‘Jobs Theory’ led to another exercise where the team tried predicting a user’s journey with ‘Emotion/Empathy Mapping’.

With Victoria’s guidance and a lot of colourful post-its, the team managed to come up with a map that identified important points of interactions with users and redefined business perspectives.

With fresh and new ideas at hand, the spaceSense team hopes to bring a satisfying and successful experience to their users.

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