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The 10 Essentials a Productive Workplace Should Have


How would you define a productive workplace? Is it all about the design? The furniture? The equipment? Or perhaps how big the snack bar is? Your work space environment definitely affects how productive your day will be. If your space is too comfortable, perhaps you would be too distracted to focus on completing your goals for the day. Vice versa. So what exactly is just right? 

In this article we explore 10 essentials you need in order to achieve a productive work space environment:

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1. Get Your Lighting Right! 

Natural lighting is the best lighting. As human beings, we respond better to natural lighting versus to artificial lighting. Did you know that light affects the part of the brain that regulates how awake you are and your mood? This does not mean you should get rid of your artificial lighting and rely on the golden rays of the sun alone – productivity experts recommend getting your old warm Tungsten light bulbs replaced with flicker-free white lights that are bright enough.

2. Bring In The Greens

Placing a plant in your office brings in a touch of colour and a sense of calmness. According to scientific studies, many people associate the colour green with “calming”. Bringing a little piece of nature into your office would help you forget how dull it is to sit in a swivel chair typing away all day. Plus, in office spaces where certain equipment emit ozone gas, plants are there to save the day and reduce levels of ozone in enclosed spaces

3. A Pop Of Colour 

Scientific studies suggest that certain colours can affect one’s productivity. For example, yellow can help inspire one’s creativity. Green are for people who prefer to work in a calm environment. Blue is considered the most preferred colour for productivity – especially during times when you need maximum focus on a project. So break the monotony of white walls and black chairs. Get colourful post-its, stationery, posters – it doesn’t necessarily have to be a big slab of yellow on the wall beside you.

4. De-clutter! 

A clear space is a clear mind. Take a look at your desk right now. Is it covered in piles of files and paperwork? Can you even see your desk?! Having a messy space can cause you to feel irritated and overwhelmed – especially if you have to deal with a demanding project. Get yourself some pen holders, drawers to store your paperwork, coil your wires neatly and keep your snacks at the pantry. Keep your desk minimalistic in order to get the most of productivity that day.

Office monitor arm with docking station to keep your table sleek and tidy

5. Choose the Right Chairs

Let’s face it – if you are going to have to sit all day, at least get a comfy one. Not just any comfortable chair, but a chair that helps your posture as well. Sitting down and staring at your monitor screen for hours can cause neck and back strain. You might even notice yourself slouching even more. Getting the right chair could reduce all that strain.

6. Bring Your Inspiration to Work

Personalise your space by bringing what inspires you. It could be a motivational post,an office award or a picture of your loved ones. Did you know that Evernote’s CEO has a picture of his children at his desk because they inspired him to use Evernote?

7. Fruits! Fruits! Fruits!

Let’s be honest, sometimes we all need something to munch on to get the creative juices flowing. So why not choose fruits over tidbits? You’ll be getting your fibre, and fruits also help you stay awake. For example, apples contain sugars that have the same effect as caffeine – and that evokes a response that helps you feel more awake.

8. Did You Hear That ..?

How does your working space sound? Do you have noisy neighbours? If you prefer a more calm and quiet work environment – it is recommended that you incorporate acoustically absorptive materials into your surroundings. It can come in forms of ceilings, walls and even carpets. If it is more of external noise – such as construction nearby, perhaps getting a pair of noise-cancelling headphones works just as well.

9. Stay Organised

Seeing your paperwork organised definitely evokes a sort of satisfaction. Plus, it’s more efficient especially during times when you need to find something specific. You can use files, or sticky tabs to sort it out. Besides paperwork, it’s important to compartmentalise your items on the desk, so you reduce clutter and increase the ease of getting what you need immediately.

10. Hot or Cold?

Temperature is definitely an important factor when it comes to a productive workplace. If it is too hot, you will tend to get irritated easily. Besides, who would want to do work covered in perspiration? If it is too cold, you would be too busy shivering instead of completing your tasks. According to studies, the optimum temperature would be 22 degrees Celsius. Time to get a hold of your office’s thermostat!

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