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Workplace Strategy

5 Team Building Ideas


Team building is a worthy investment for any business owner. As a business owner, the morale and work ethic of your employees are of utmost importance. In today’s fast-paced business landscape, employees need to not just work harder, but to work smarter. One brilliant individual alone is unable to truly take the company to greater heights. What is required is a team of committed and dedicated individuals who are able to work well together to achieve the desired outcomes.

Communication is key in any relationship. Through team building, improved open communication between employees can be developed, which will result in a growth of mutual understanding and a feedback and collaborative culture. Ultimately, employees who feel a sense of belonging to the company, accountability to their colleagues, will look forward to coming to work, and high employee morale and motivation will lead to more productive and higher quality work.

Here are 5 interesting activities you can consider for the next company team building session:


Intensity, Strategy, Tactics. Laser Tag is the perfect activity for all age groups and all people. You and your co-workers can sweat it out as you work together to reign victorious over the opposing team. A relatively low barrier to entry physical activity, Laser Tag is just the right amount of physical that you and your co-workers need for a memorable day out!


Experience team building in virtual worlds now – here’s a new spin to the traditional escape room. Step right into the virtual world with your squad! Fight alongside your boss and colleagues to defeat villains from dark space, survive the zombie catastrophe or turn your world upside down exploring impossible worlds. Teamwork is the key to triumph!


Discover everything about wines in a wine appreciation workshop that will help you to appreciate the differences between new world and old world wines, between the various regions, the techniques and fundamentally the grapes varieties. Learn techniques of wine tasting using sight, smell and taste and impress your clients with your wine knowledge after this workshop, but most importantly, have fun enjoying some bubbly with your coworkers!

4. BBQ

Now who could turn down having a team barbecue? Bond over the grill! A filled tummy is a happy one – all the more fun to go around. While some cook, the others can incorporate some activities to do such as play charades. You can even settle on who gets to be the DJ. Don’t forget to document the fun times so you can turn it into a cute video to post on your social media!


Just like normal soccer, except in a bubble suit. Definitely no previous soccer experience required, we assure you. Bubble Soccer offers a bonding session that will expose the sporty and competitive side of your colleagues in a healthy and encouraging way. Caution: you might have more fun laughing at each other and being silly in your bubble suits, than playing actual soccer. Look forward to a great afternoon of camaraderie with your coworkers!

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